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The rise and rise of digital art

While digital ( computer generated ) art has been around since the 80's it skyrocketed in to world consciousness in 2021 when U.S. ( and generally not that well known ) artist Beeple hit the headlines with his $69 million sale of digital collage titled "The Last 5000 days" at Christies auction...and yes it was sold as a NFT ( ie a non tangible artwork stored on a USB stick ) .Am sure with the recent crash in crypto the owner is spewing !

My own experience of creating digital images goes back to solo exhibitions at Gallery 101 in Melbourne and also at Sweeguan Gallery Singapore in the 90's ( amongst others ) and group exhibitions at The NGV , University of Melbourne and Next Wave Festival.

During the pandemic I had time to revisit this as a medium although the computer has been an essential tool in creating my aerial landscapes now for years .

Using scanned drawings ,photographs , maps and natural textures including wood and stone I have created the basis for collages which then incorporate multiple layers of stencils , printmaking on paper and tissue as well as good old fashioned acrylic paint , pigments and ink .The resulting paintings are rich in texture and intricate detail (like the attached image of the Arafura Sea )

Exhibitions of these works will be held in a special pop up exhibition at Owen Dixon Chambers ,Melbourne ( July -September ) Manyung ,Malvern Gallery ( August ) Aarwun gallery Canberra ( September ) and also at the next Melbourne Art Fair in September .

Unlike Beeple's work you can hang this painting on your wall instead of viewing it on your computer and if I dont mind saying so ...I think my images are just as good and ...............a massive fraction of the price !

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