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etching of Granite country

" Mallyon enjoys print surfaces characterized by loose painterly methods of plate rubbing. His prints and paintings feed off each other ,but whatever the medium, these surface effects are an integral aspect of the subject matter- abstracted aerial topographies "

Sue Forster IMPRINT Magazine  Australia  2015

etchings, monoprints and digital prints 
greg mallyon contemporary art australia

Greg's journey as an artist has included decades of creating and publishing prints as well as holding management positions within the print industry. These included Managing Director of Port Jackson Press Australia and manager of Northern Editions print workshop at Charles Darwin University .In these capacities he worked with many of Australia's leading artists and master printers.


His formal studies started when he majored in printmaking at the College of Art, Brisbane (now QCA ) and continued during his Masters degree at UNSW in 2012 Placements in print workshops in Venice ( 2014) and Chiang Mai (2017) furthered his experience. He has explored both traditional printmaking techniques including etching ,stencil, woodcuts and screen printing and contemporary print techniques such as mixed media laser copying and digital imaging. In recent years he has completed solar etchings ,polymer plate etchings and archival inkjet prints in collaboration with printmaking legend Dianne Longley at Agave Studio in Trentham.


Greg's prints have been commissioned or acquired by numerous corporations, institutions and luxury hotels.

 Images below include new mixed media archival inkjet prints created in 2023


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