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recent paintings           greg mallyon contemporary art 

" My paintings are inspired by an aerial view of the world below ......the amazing patterns and shapes created by nature whether they be snaking rivers , vast white salt lakes , deserts , the microcosms of coastal rockpools and tidal inlets and the evidence of human industry and habitation. I use a combination of my own travel photographs and sketches ( often made on board aircraft ) satellite and aerial photographs ,historical and contemporary maps . 

I paint on a variety of surfaces such as wood , paper canvas and aluminium using ancient materials such as marble dust , raw pigments and ground pumice along with acrylic and oil paints , varnishes and collage . 

I build up multiple layers and then rub , sand and paint over previous layers like a constant process of destruction and renewal "

Greg  Mallyon 2023 

" Greg's work belongs to a significant global tradition of humans depicting the world from above for pragmatic , religious and aesthetic purposes - from Neolithic petroglyphs in Europe to Indigenous Australians depictions of country to Medieval maps to the landscapes of modern Australian masters like John Olsen and Fred Williams. As Greg notes ' mapping provides a very ancient perspective of the world '. His work enables a connection to the physical world while having an almost ethereal  quality "

Dr Shireen Huda 

art market analyst , art historian Melbourne 2015

"The pleasure in colour and paint  is palpable in these works and Mallyons' line dances in ragged patterns , a shorthand for what he has observed from above "

Anna Johnson 

catalogue essay Rochfort Gallery exhibition Sydney  2018 

Omaroo 20 120 x50 cms
daylesford house 2
red works on paper
Wimmera solo exhibition
Omaroo 23
Olivers Lake 2
bushfire 1
wadawurrung country 125 x125 cms $6500 thumbnail size
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