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recent paintings     greg mallyon contemporary art australia

 "My paintings are inspired by an aerial view of the world below......the amazing patterns and shapes created by nature whether they be snaking rivers, vast white salt lakes in the desert , the microcosms of coastal rockpools and tidal inlets and even the evidence of human industry and habitation. I use a combination of my own travel photographs and sketches ( usually taken on board aircraft , helicopters or hot air balloon ),satellite images and aerial photographs , historic and contemporary maps .

I paint on a variety of surfaces such as wood ,canvas, aluminium and paper using both ancient materials like raw pigment , ground pumice and marble dust along with modern acrylic paints and varnishes. I build up multiple layers of mixed media and then sand, gouge ,rub and even blowtorch them back in a constant process of destruction and renewal just like the earth itself ."

Greg Mallyon 2021

"Greg's work belongs to a significant global tradition of humans depicting the world for pragmatic, religious and aesthetic purposes - from Neolithic petroglyphs in Europe, to Indigenous Australians' depiction of country to Medieval maps, to the landscapes of modern Australian masters like John Olsen and Fred Williams .As Greg notes ,mapping provides a "very ancient perspective of the world ".His work enables a connection to the physical world while having an almost ethereal quality"


Dr Shireen Huda

Art market analyst , art historian, Melbourne 2015.

'Using natural ochres and pigment these rich and textured paintings not only chart and map the terrain, they tap into the essence of the land and its metaphysical layers "

Arthouse Gallery

catalogue essay ,Sydney 2012

'The pleasure in colour and paint is palpable in these works and Mallyons' line dances in ragged patterns, a shorthand for what he has absorbed from above "

Anna Johnson

 catalogue essay, Rochfort Gallery exhibition, 2018

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